5th Annual Forgey & Graesser Production Sale

February 18, 2014 at the Winner Livestock Auction

Selling 120 yearling bulls


View the 2014 featured bulls pics and download the 2014 ultrasound data

Forgey & Graesser angus bulls is a family owned operation located in south-central South Dakota. We are long time ranchers and neighbors in the area. Partnering with Mike Assman, we came up with a plan that would keep the Assman bull bloodline together. Our mission is to produce high quality, affordable Black Angus bulls. The first annual sale was in February of 2010, and we are looking forward to continuing the growth of our business and partnerships with local ranchers.

2014 Forgey & Graesser Angus Bulls

Dan & Lyn Forgey 32766 301st Ave, Dallas, SD 57529 | 605-835-8675

Kevin Graesser 29933 329th Ave, Dallas, SD 57529 | 605-835-8223

Rod Graesser 29954 328th Ave, Dallas, SD 57529 | 605-835-8039